Z80 Library

This is a list of a some hard to find publications on the Z80 CPU.

25 Microchips that Shook the World25 Microchips that Shook the World

8008 8-Bit CPU8008 8-Bit CPU

Architecture of a New MicroprocessorArchitecture of a New Microprocessor

Demystifying Microprocessor Design - M. ShimaDemystifying Microprocessor Design - M. Shima

How to Program Z80 - ZaksHow to Program Z80 - Zaks

Intel 8080 CPU Chip Development (IEEE)Intel 8080 CPU Chip Development

The History of 4004The History of 4004

The Intel 4004The Intel 4004

The MCS-4The MCS-4

Z80 Starter SystemZ80 Starter System

Zilog Oral History - Computer History MuseumZilog Oral History - Computer History Museum