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Data bus on the Z80 processor is 8 bits wide. Data bus wires carrying information within the chip itself do not simply connect to package pins and out to the world - the gate circuitry of each bit is quite complex. This article presents a transistor level schematic of a data bit’s gate which I reverse-engineered from a die photograph.
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After reading excellent Ken Shirriff's blog on reverse-engineering parts of the Z80 CPU, I decided to learn how to decipher some of the chip die-shots myself. It turns out not to be that difficult if you follow certain guidance which I will describe in this post.
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In my previous post I described an Arduino dongle and the software that can be used to clock a Z80 CPU and dump states of its buses and pins while executing a controlled set of test cases.

Here I show a trace of every single Z80 instruction as run by that setup. I also outlined some of the tests created manually that clarified few situations which were not too obvious (to me) after reading various pieces of documentation.

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If you want to find out exactly what a venerable Z80 is doing on its bus while executing instructions, in this post I outlined a dongle and the software that will let you see that. Using just a few components and connecting them to an Arduino Mega, you can trace instructions clock by clock and observe what's happening on the bus.
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I got hold of an old Sinclair ZX81 in apparently good and working condition!

ZX81 was the first personal computer I owned. I was 13 years old. At that time, I copied its 8K ROM, byte by byte, into a notebook, and hand-disassembled it (a consequence of which I still suffer from: I still remember some Z80 opcodes), but I never opened it. Finally, now I can do what I missed 🙂

This post shows how it generates TV image and how its Z80 CPU boots. I instrumented it and captured scope and logic analyzer images as it was powering on.
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