PCB Making: 13. Enclosure

This particular board did not need an enclosure. Instead, I mounted it on raisers. Holes for raisers were already drilled.

If you do have an enclosure, you may want to try to fit it: drill the holes and/or cut openings using a tool like a nibbler.

Using a nibbler to customize enclosure
Using a nibbler to customize the enclosure

This is an image of one previous project. Rectangular holes were cut out by using a nibbling tool. The top cover was custom 3D printed by a friend of mine (BB – thanks!) who built his own 3D printer.

Custom box cover made with a 3D printer
Custom box cover made with a 3D printer

You can be creative with enclosures; although you can buy new ones and spend more money, many times you can reuse boxes like in the picture – a spare telephone connection enclosure box worked just fine!

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